Sunday, December 6, 2009

Between Subh and Sleep

Every adhan (call for prayer) of Subh there is the extra verse that brings the meaning Solat (Prayer) is better than sleep. Yet honestly how many of us really internalise this call?

It's truly a challenge for most of us to wake up in the morning. What more during Subh time! It's just too early!!! But hey come one, think! Why is it said Solat is better than sleep when most of us through our actions and deeds are intrinsically saying "SLEEP IS BETTER THAN SOLAT"? What a shame.

But let's not go into the rhetoric. Let's take it at as it is at face value. As Muslims we should agree with the adhan. It means yes SOLAT IS BETTER THAN SLEEP. So the question we need to ask of ourselves is why am I unable to FEEL and AGREE that SOLAT IS BETTER THAN SLEEP?

I tell you why. Because it shows we are weak. I truly believe that altough the thing called iman (faith) is something unseen and personal, yet did and do we realise that there are things in our life that we can use to measure our iman. It's like having your own personal report card. The only assessor for now is YOU!!!

So if you are finding difficulty in at least responding to the call of Subh prayer...then BEWARE!!! Your level of iman needs to be checked. O come know and have been told that this thing called iman has its ups and downs like the tide of that's an indication of your iman level. It's an indication that's it's closer to the "E" tank instead of the "F" tank. Panic right?!...So how to spruce your level of iman up?...

Time's up. I'll share the secret with you in the next posting...till then...

Thank you Allah and Wassalam.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Salam to one and all!

Alhamdulillah I am able to meet with Ramadhan again this year. Why am I saying this? Well in retrospect I know that there are lots of things that I realised a bit too late on how to make the most of the Ramadhan so I have made a personal resolve not to the same thing again. How is it going so far?

Not good at all at this juncture. Self relflection (muhasabah) is good and in deed it is very much encouraged that Muslims do it on a regular basis. It's the SWOT kind of thing that you do on you own. It is needed because you need to build your inner soul... the thing called the "heart" (qalb). So this is the best month to build your inner soul, the month of Ramadhan, the blessed month, the revered month, the month of a plenty, the month of multifold rewards but it may seem that I am letting it pass me by yet again for another year. Yup, excuses. You know the usual self justification of "my assignments, my duties, my roles, my badly in need of a rest and etc" somehow filters into your mind and before you know it YOU ARE DOWN!

The fast of a khusus al khusus.

I've heard that a plenty but never had I heard it the way I did this year that made me realise the significane of it. It's like receiving a tight slap on the face TO WAKE UP!!! I was a sceptic on the various labels or categories of fasting. I mean is there really such a classification? But praise to Allah, after listening about this year, the doubt has dissipated and with it come full conviction and an understanding like never before. It's like a WOW! Got to work hard, get committed and persevere to get that category of fasting.

Must get organised. Must find time to read more of the Quran.....

Till then, Wassalam.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Salam to one and all.

Almost a week has passed since I created my blog. My children have yet to know about it but my dad and niece who are hundreds of kilometres away from me have read my blog and even posted some comments.
I am currently in the midst of my semester break (and so are three of my school going children). However the difference between my break and theirs amongst others is that they have me, their mother to push them to finish off their assigned school work and of course to ensure that their break time is filled with activities. (They are currently not with me as they are off on a short trip cum holiday to their grandaunt's home somewhere on the mainland). In contrast my semester break requires me to be disciplined (no one to push me) and to ensure that at least I get a headstart on my assignments (which isn't going so well at this juncture). In the mornings I am either at the campus or at home.
One of the assignments that I have started on is to look for a topic for my dissertation presentation which will be due by sometime in October. Yes, it's right after the 'Eid. So again the word "discipline" comes up because I need to ensure that not only can I complete my assignments but at the same time reap the abundant benefits that can only be found in the month of Ramadhan!!! (Not forgetting my rights, responsibilites, duties as a wife, mother and
To solely deliberate on the tasks assigned without actions will definitely not do justice to myself so at times when I feel helpless and scared, I'll remind myself of the verses I mentioned about.
So what's a good topic to research on? As a general rule I have been advised to do research on a topic that's close to my heart, current issues and there's data that can be used and of course, obtainable. Sounds easy right? But it actually requires some preliminary readings so that you can be rest assured that the topic that you eventually research on fulfills these requirements. I trust that I need to seek the wisdom "of those who are in the know" to guide me so that I am able to fine tune the topic and thereafter carry out the research accordingly, Insya Allah.
Just a reminder to myself...
"... Verily Man is in loss Except such as have Faith and do righteous deeds, And (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth and of Patience and Constancy"
Surah al-Asr (103:2-3)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Alhamduliilah...My Blog is Here

Assalamu'alikum to all Muslims
Peace to all

Allah hu akbar! Alhamduliilah.

I am excited that finally I am able to have my own blog. It never occured to me that I'll have one. I'm convinced that I am lacking in the technological advances of today as I've been busy fulfilling rights and responsibilites that befits a wife, a mother and a daughter. Now besides these roles that I have, I am now a student pursuing my Masters of Islamic Development Management at the School of Social Sciences in Universiti Sains Malaysia.
Of course credits ought to be given to Prof Syukri (he's the one responsible pushing us to have a blog), my fellowmate (Wan) who helped make this blog a reality and Brother Fahad (allowing me to use his laptop). This reminds me of one verse in Surah Al-Anbiya (21:7) which could also be found in Surah An-Nahl (16:43) that when translated bears the meaning "Ask those who are in the know if you do not know".
And that is a mantra of sort for me now. I'll ask around especially I'll seek those who are knowledgeable in the area that my knowledge is lacking in... and Alhamdulillah, I'll usually get the answer.

Well Islam is a very beautiful religion. The more I learn about it the more convinced I am of this conviction and the more quest to know and learn more. For those who love formulae, as I used to when I had to mathematical configurations during my student years as an "A" Levels candidate, Islam provides the formula to live this life and amongst the ones that I hold onto are found in Surah Al-Baqarah (2:286) and Surah Alam Nasyrah (94:5-6).
Time ... ticks and so Friday today is in its midst day... its time for me to fulfill my responsibility as a mom...So Insya Allah, till we meet again... Thank You Allah and Wassalamu'alaikum.